My 5 Simple Goals for 2018

My 5 Simple Goals for 2018

Yes, I know. It’s March and I’m only sharing my goals now. Friends, this is real life. I did make these goals at the beginning of the year but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to share it. Do you make goals for the New Year? Earlier this year, I shared my word for the year. I truly believe that my word for the year is supposed to be the driving force behind my goals for the year.


For me, last year was the year of realizing that I can’t do it all, a realigning of what is actually important in my life, and the year that realized that I have got to stop comparing myself to other women! Because of that, my goals are much simpler this year and I don’t think they are even completed yet even though we are into the third month of the year! You know what? I’m totally okay with that!

My 5 Simple Goals for 2018


Plan Date Days with one child once a month.

-My husband and I have been alternating months doing this. Sometimes our kids get to choose, sometimes it’s well-planned and longer, sometimes it’s a big date, and sometimes it’s a trip to the grocery store with a treat thrown in. We’ve been doing this for years, but this is the first year that we are attempting to be more intentional with this.


Fast for part of the day once a month.

-Truthfully,  I’ve always been afraid of fasting because I always get so hungry, so I’d literally fasted twice before this year. I’d love to say that I have the whole day to myself to pray and seek God’s face when I fast but I do not. I still have homeschool, kids, meals to cook, laundry to do, and a house to clean, but the first time I did it, I was blown away by what fasting food did for my mindset! I fasted just breakfast and lunch, but I felt like I had clarity in a lot more areas than ever before. I’m looking forward to continuing this monthly practice.


Eat a salad or smoothie 5 days a week.

-This has been a big fail so far. My blender doesn’t work properly right now and a new one just hasn’t been in the budget. For some reason, I’ve never liked a salad in the winter time. I’m really hoping to work on this habit soon. Wish me luck!


Work on my bucket list and actually complete 5 of these things

-I should know better than to create a goal that is so out there. Everyone knows the rule of goals is that they need to be actionable. I feel like mine could be but I didn’t take the time to figure out a way to make it that way. I think one of the major problems, for me, is that most of my bucket list goals involve me going away without the kids and that just doesn’t happen all that often.


Learn to be more encouraging towards my husband.

-I am currently doing a 30-day Encourage Your Husband Challenge. It has been so good for challenging me in many areas to encourage my husband. Part of the challenge involves not speaking negatively towards my husband and the other is to find moments to be an encouragement.

-I’ve also been practicing the art of writing notes to him on a regular basis whether it be via text or a paper note thanking him for the things he does for our family.

-I’ve been learning to speak into his identity and his ability. Things like telling him that I believe he has creativity in him to do all the amazing things he doesn’t always think he can, telling him that he has what it take and that I believe in him.

There you have it. These are My 5 Simple Goals for 2018. I do have a few more goals, but I decided to keep some of my goals more personal this year. How about you? Are you a big goal person? Or are you a simple goal person?

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My 5 Simple Goals for 2018

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