March Thoughts

Finding a Better time for Exercise

One of my goals for 2016 was to get back to regular exercising. It just seemed like all my old times for exercising just weren’t working. Over the years, I have changed my times for exercising many times. At times, I have worked out early, early in the morning. At other times, in the afternoon during naptimes. At still other times, I have actually worked out before I went to bed. Now none of those times seemed to be working, but I knew I need to put priority on it. I decided to try just before we started our school day.It’s important to note that being a neat freak like I am, this wasn’t easy for me. I’m not usually done the housework before I start… I have been doing this for about three weeks and it has actually helped me fit in four workouts a week ever since.

Finding Hope in Thankfulness

This month was definitely a test of my hope. I struggled, but I learned that I was trying to figure out things for myself far too often. I have been reminded of my one word for 2016-Trust. If I am to Soar on Wings like Eagles-I must Trust in the Lord. I also learned to walk in thankfulness, even when I felt like all was dark. It’s been so exciting to learn to trust Jesus with absolutely everything that I have.

Priority in Bible Reading

I am thankful that I made it my goal to read through my Bible this year.  I was challenged by a dear friend to make this my goal. I am so glad that I decided to do it. I don’t always stay exactly on track, but I have always been able to catch up on the weekends.

Being a Servant

Matthew 23:11-12 “The greatest among you must be a servant. But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” It can be so easy to allow ourselves to be annoyed by those we are called to serve, but that isn’t an attitude that comes from Christ. I have definitely been challenged in this area this month. What kind of an attitude do I have?

Blog Course

I started a blogging course this month. To say that it’s been challenging is probably an understatement. However, I have to say that I am learning a lot in many areas and I’m excited to see the final result.

God Walks

I have been taking the times to walk alone a lot more this month. It has been beautiful to connect with my heavenly father during these times. The opportunity to fellowship with our heavenly father is never a waste of time. God is so good.

Homeschool Conference

Bernd and I had the opportunity to go to just one day of the conference this year, but it was wonderful! It doubled as date day and we got to go out for Supper as well! I was especially blessed by Heather Haupt who blogs over at Cultivated Lives. I was truly encouraged by her “Hope for the Homeschool Mom” Seminar. Bernd saw that title and told me I *had* to go. To say that it had been a rough week, was probably an understatement. She took the time to remind to run to Jesus in the moments of overwhelm. I can’t say that I have that all under control, but what a great reminder and encouragement it was.

I have an 11-year-old

Our oldest daughter-BJ-turned 11 years old! I’m not sure where the last 11 years have gone, but I definitely don’t feel old enough to actually have an 11-year-old. I was just 23 years old yesterday and having her, I’m sure. We had an awesome opportunity to have 6 of her friends over for a Birthday Party. It was a lot of fun! The girls were all so polite and I think everyone had a great time.

Family Time

In February, Bernd and I talked about adding in an Intentional Family Day each month. Yes, I know that some of you aren’t planners, but we are. It’s necessity, really, because life gets so busy that we often don’t do the things we want. So this month, we got to take our kid’s swimming and out to Supper at Boston Pizza. It is so much fun to do things like this with them!

How about you? What did you learn this month?