One Simple Way I’m Practicing Gratitude Everyday

Do you ever struggle with practicing gratitude?

Are there times that you just don’t feel very grateful?

About a month ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in a still small voice.

He told me that I’d begun to get “picky” about the special people in my life.

As he was talking to me, I began to recognize that I had been seeing only the negative when it came to my husband and children.

I am, by nature, a fixer. Because of that, I have guard against correcting the people that I love the most.

The Holy Spirit showed me that I had been complaining a lot. I had been complaining about life and about the people in it.

So, I asked him how I could change this attitude because I felt that it had permeated every part of me. I felt completely helpless to change this attitude.

Friends, The Holy Spirit gave me an idea!

That idea was to dedicate a page in my journal for each of my family members.

At the top of each page, it says….

I’m thankful for _______________because:

Most days, I’m adding something to that list I’m thankful for at least one family member. I’m numbering them and I’m excited to see how many I’ll be able to come up with!

Writing the things I’m grateful for doesn’t always happen every, single day, but I try to do it as often as possible.

Taking it even further

#1: Most days, I’ve also been texting my husband one of the reasons that I’m thankful for him.

#2: I’ve been writing a note to one of my children each day to tell them why I’m thankful for them.

It was pretty exciting when my struggling reader read his all by himself, today!

And you know what?

This simple way of practicing gratitude every day is changing my perspective!

I’m not focusing on the negative things nearly as much anymore.  I’m also loving getting creative with all the reasons that I’m thankful.

4 Bonus ideas for finding gratitude everyday

  • Post-it gratitude notes.

A few years ago, our family wrote something that we were thankful for on a post-it note at supper each night. We continued for one month and we saw an incredible change in all of our attitudes.

  • Help someone in need

There’s just something about helping others that are less fortunate than ourselves that takes the focus off of “poor me” attitudes.

  • Write down the things you’re grateful for.

Some people start gratitude journals. For example, you could make it a goal to find ten things that you’re grateful for by the end of the month.

  • Don’t forget to thank the people around you.

When someone does something for you, even something as simple as holding the door, don’t forget to thank them. And be genuine about it. Include a smile and sweeten up your voice.

How about you? How you do find gratitude when you’re feeling a little less than grateful?

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