3 Reasons to Plan Intentional Family Days

My husband and I are definitely planners. We plan many areas of our lives. We value living life with intention.  One of the most important ways to live life with intention involves spending time with our family. In the past, I have mentioned that we take the time to do a monthly planning session at the beginning of each month. We like to do this because if we don’t plan, we like we are playing a video game that is in the middle of a forest. It’s like we are flying around curves, ducking under branches, leaning to the left or the right and trying to avoid or navigate stuff coming at us from every direction. When we plan our month with intention, we are able to choose the things that are important to us.


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Why We Plan Intentional Family Days:

  • If you plan ahead, you can also budget properly for it.

For example, this month we decided to go to a Family Amusement Park with our family. It’s fairly costly for us and is almost 2 hours away. When we planned ahead, we looked at our budget to see how we could work it in. We thought about what and where we would eat and how that would factor into our budget. We have an Entertainment Budget which we decided not to bump any higher this month but instead decided that our Date Day will be a Date Evening this month in order to make the Family Day Work.

  • We get to Connect and Build Memories

We really do love our kid’s and enjoy spending time with them. The act of going out and being together as a family will build lasting memories and relationships.

  • We actually have family days

When we plan ahead and say that Sunday, June the 26th is Family Day this month, we know when someone asks us to do something that we already have plans. If we just said, “This month we will try to fit in a Family Day,” chances are that something else would come up and it would get postponed once again.


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So What To Do for Intentional Family Days?

Some Things That We Have Done for Family Days:

  • Swimming
  • Driving Adventure Somewhere in the Country
  • Museums
  • Amusement Parks
  • Hotdog Roast in the Backyard
  • Day at the Lake
  • Tobogganing
  • Skating
  • Swinging Bridge


Other Fun Family Activities:

  • Biking
  • Going to the Park
  • Going for Ice Cream/Treat
  • Visiting Grandparent’s Farm
  • Taking Photos in the Country
  • Play Games
  • Read Stories Outloud
  • Visiting the local Splash Pad
  • Playing Baseball or Soccer

Those are some of the ways that we have fun together as a family. What are some of the things that you do as a family? Do you plan Family Days Intentionally or are you more spontaneous?

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