5 of My Favorite Bloggers

5 of My Favorite Bloggers

Today, I’m sharing 5 of My Favorite Bloggers.

#1: Money Saving Mom

Crystal Paine is probably my most favorite blogger of all time. She is the one who inspired me to actually start blogging and helped me realize that maybe, just maybe I have words that the world needs to hear. Her blog is a deal blog where she shares different coupons, ways to save money, and tips. She also shares guest posts from families of ways they have been able to save money. I have had the opportunity to write two different pieces for her blog in the past. Perhaps the reason that I so enjoy her is that she is very real. She isn’t afraid to share her struggles and the ways she is growing through them in a positive and enlightening way.

#2: Kari Paterson

I have long enjoyed reading Kari’s Blog. Her blog has challenged me and caused me to grow many, many times. I originally started reading her blog for her Homeschool tips but have begun to really enjoy her faith-based posts. I also had the opportunity to be a part of Kari’s launch team for her book, “Scared Mundane: How to find Freedom, Purpose, and Joy” several months ago. What a blessing this book was for me! If you haven’t checked this book out, yet, I highly encourage you to do so.

#3: Emily P. Freeman

Emily is an author that I stumbled upon when I picked up her book “A Million Little Ways” from my local library. She doesn’t post often but I have highly enjoyed being on her email list because her letters never fail to disappoint. They are full of challenging and encouraging content but also light and fun twists as well.

#4: Inspired to Action

Kat Lee is my favorite podcast author of all time! I stumbled upon her blog several years ago and was really inspired to take a lot more action in my life through making actionable goals each year and writing a mission statement for motherhood. When I first found her, she wrote a lot of articles on her blog. These days, though, she relies almost exclusively on podcasts to impact Mothers all over the world. Most of her podcasts are interviews with different authors who are also mothers. Over on the blog, she still has some free printable templates for writing a mission statement. I encourage you to check it out!

#5: Simple Homeschool

Jaime Martin is the mother of three children who each been born on different continents. She inspires me to take the time to really listen to my children’s interests and passions. We don’t homeschool exactly like she does but she has certainly been an inspiration many times over. She recently wrote her first book, “Give Your Child the World.” This book is amazing because it’s filled with book suggestions of books about many different countries of the world, divided into different ages from 4-12.

Tell me, do you have any favorite blogs?

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5 of My Favorite Bloggers