Dedicated to a Life of Learning-3 Important Reasons to Never Stop Learning

* This is a guest post by my dear husband, Bernd.

As I write this post, I am reflecting on how much I have learned, even in the last few years. It is quite conceivable that I am learning more now than I have ever learned before, even when I was in school. That may sound horrifying to those that are just finishing school. Yet there are those of us who see great value in learning, and we benefit from that learning on a continual basis. I want to share three reasons why I continue to learn, how they’ve helped me and will help you also.

1. Continuing to learn will reveal how much we still don’t know.

I have spent a reasonable amount of time learning about personal finance. I have immersed myself in reading books about it, learning from video series, even passing a provincially recognized exam. In the course of my continuing education, I read that most financial advisors have no clue when recommending investments and reading 2 books (which were listed), would make one more knowledgeable than 90% of personal financial advisors. And there it was in black and white. I realized just how much I still did not know about personal finance. This, however, shouldn’t be discouraging to anyone. On the contrary, for me it was a bit humbling and also encouraging to press on to study further. Like me, you too will find that we never fully arrive at a state of complete learning, no matter the subject of your expertise.

2. Continuing to learn adds value to myself.

It has been a bit over year since I have taken learning more seriously. I have exposed myself to learning about business and leadership alongside personal finance. I have read books, listened to podcasts, and gone through audio books while driving to and from work. In doing so, I have gained a better perspective of who I am, and discovered areas I need to grow personally. As I write this post, I find myself walking in more confidence than before, and I have gained insight as to how to deal with certain circumstances in life. I believe that you too will see similar benefits in your life as you pursue learning. There is a tangible change in ourselves that takes place while we learn.

3. Continual learning opens doors to share or impart into others.

This is perhaps the most important of the three reasons to continuing learning. You see, someone has taken the time to record a podcast or pen a book, sharing the wisdom they have learned, likely from someone before them. Since it was important for me to learn something, likewise it is important for me to find someone to share that knowledge with. My learning continues to be just as much for someone else as it is for myself. That which I have learned, which has benefited me will also benefit someone else and it becomes my responsibility to share my knowledge with whoever is willing to learn. You too, will find people looking for the knowledge you have acquired. You too will cross paths with individuals who need what you’ve already learned.

Dedication to learning yields so many benefits and results, of which the above are only three. However, I believe in these three reasons lay a good foundation. I hope you find the encouragement and intentionally take the time to continue to learn, always.


What are some of your reasons you take time to continue to learn, whether it be further education, reading books, listening to podcasts, or any other method of learning? What results have you noticed from doing so?

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