My Homeschool Day in the Life (with a 5, 8, and 10-year-old)

My Homeschool Day in the Life with a 5, 8, and 10-year-old


Today at 7:11– I dragged myself out of bed. I was reading a really good book last night and totally didn’t go to bed on time. Normally, I get up around 6 a.m. and throw on my workout clothes while the DVD Player powers up. I am currently doing a Jillian Michael’s Dvd for 15 minutes about 4 times a week. It doesn’t always happen, but that is my goal. This generally wakes me up enough so that I can stay awake to read my Bible and Pray. Obviously, because I was late getting up I didn’t get my exercise or Bible Reading in. That is not good, but I try to give myself grace when I need it.

Today, I head straight to the shower and got ready for the day. After this, I begin to prep breakfast and chat with Bernd for a few minutes.

Around 7:30, the kids and I sit down at the table to eat together. Afterward, they stay at the table and I read them a chapter from the Bible, as well as a story from Courageous Christians. Dilly is generally told many times to “sit back down.” Lately, he has gotten a piece of paper and a pencil and sat on my lap to draw while I read. If this happens, it makes everything a lot more peaceful and quiet.

By 8:00, we are done and everyone goes to get ready for the day. I help with Dilly’s teeth and washing his face. ‘Nea practices piano. They all do their chores. My job is to make sure everyone does their chores, I throw in a load of laundry, get my teeth brushed, and finish any kitchen tidying that wasn’t done by the kids. Dilly finishes his chores first and heads off to Room-Time for 30 minutes. The girls finish off their chores and head off to their room’s for devotions. I generally take about 5 minutes to make sure everything is prepped for our school day.


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Around 9:00– We start schoolwork. Our day begins with Dilly telling us the day and date on the calendar (with help) and telling us what the weather is like outside. After that, we head into the living room to do our Bible Lesson and our read aloud. Today, we finished off Robinson Crusoe.  We generally spend around 30 minutes doing these things. Next, we head to our school room downstairs to start book work. I generally spend the first moments of the day with Dilly doing the bulk of his school work.  BJ works independently and ‘Nea often draws or writes a story, as she tends to be a slow starter. I learned long ago that it isn’t worth the fight to force her to start right off. Once she actually starts, she finishes off quite quickly.


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10:15 or 10:30– We take a Recess Break. The kids go outside for about 15-20 minutes and have a quick snack when they come in.  I take this time to throw the laundry into the dryer. We head back to the books by 10:45. By about 11:45, we are mostly wrapping things up for our book work part of the day. On my way upstairs, I grab the load of dried laundry and drop it off in the living room for folding later. Today, it is towels and rags. BJ always folds those and puts them away. I prepare lunch. Usually, that just involves heating up last night’s leftovers, making a quick salad or frying some eggs.

Around 12:00, we all sit down to eat lunch together. After we have finished eating, we have been trying to start praying for others at Lunch Time each day. We have a mason jar on the dining room window with some names written on them for those who can’t think of anyone to pray for. Today, we remembered to do this and I am blessed by what our children pray for.


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After our meal, we have a few more household chores. I do the breakfast and supper dishes that don’t fit the dishwasher. Today the dishwasher is full of dishes, so I do them all. BJ practices her piano-two practices worth, as she forgot to practice yesterday. When all that is done, I spend time alone with just Dilly. I try to spend about 30 minutes of time several times a week with each kid. It usually winds up happening on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday unless we have other plans. Dilly’s favorite thing to do with me, is usually watching “Bugs Bunny” or “Kid Snippets” on YouTube. Today, we watch “Kid Snippets.”


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1:30-3:00-We all have quiet time at our house. Quiet Time involves each person going to their own room to play/read/listen quietly. I blog/do computer work during this time. I also try to fit in some reading. I don’t think that I will today as I still have a lot left to do. Dilly usually comes out of his room at least 2-3 times during this time to ask me if quiet time is done, yet. I really need to remember to buy him a clock and teach him to read it.

3:00-The kids generally have a snack. Today, I was feeling unusually antsy, so we actually all loaded up in the car after snack and headed 30 minutes up the road. This is something I almost never do-generally I work through my “issues” and just stay home.  We went to Walmart and got Dilly some new shoes as all his old ones were worn out. We also picked him up some new mitts as he lost one of his two pairs awhile back. We grab a loaf of bread to have for supper as well because I had not planned ahead for this spontaneous trip.

5:00– We arrive back home and get the bread, toppings, and some other things onto the table.  Bernd is home right after us and we sit down to eat together. Usually, Bernd and I send our kids to go play for 20-30 minutes after supper so we can catch, but today Bernd has a meeting to go to.  The kids and I are heading to Homeschool Gym Night. We have about 25 minutes before we leave, so I load the dishwasher and actually sit down to read a book for a few minutes.

6:15-We head off to Gym Night. Tonight, the younger kids play a variety of games and the older group focuses on Basketball. Dilly and Renee are part of the younger group and BJ is part of the older group.

8:45-We arrive back home from the Gym. I get the kids off to bed after a snack for one of the hungry ones, waters, and pajamas.

9:00-I have a phone call with a friend to make, as we had made a phone date. We talk for quite a while. I have been trying to go to bed earlier but am still struggling because I have the tendency to want to stay up way too late. After getting off the phone, I watch a few YouTube Videos and end up getting to bed about 11:00. Not as early as I’d like, but not too horrible, either.

Well, that is a snippet of one of our homeschool days. If you homeschool, I’d love to hear what your days are like as well.

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