4 Ways I Find Contentment on Mother’s Day (and how you can too)

*As I am writing this post, I want to make sure that no one thinks that my family doesn’t appreciate me or treat me kindly. My husband and children are wonderful to me! I am truly blessed.

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few days. It’s a time to celebrate our mothers and a time to be celebrated by our families. But what if it feels like no one really cares to celebrate us the way we wish they would?

Several years ago, I found myself outside on a warm, Sunday afternoon in May sitting on the steps of my kid’s playhouse.

It was Mother’s Day.

I remember feeling so frustrated, sad, used, and mad. My husband was inside taking a nap and I was outside watching one of my small children who no longer napped. I remember muttering and complaining to myself about how all he cared about what taking a nap when I just wanted a break.

How could he not understand that I wanted a break from being a mom for just one day?

Why couldn’t I be the one taking a nap?

Over the years, I have learned a few things.  For this reason, every year on mother’s day, I check myself in these 4 ways:

  1. How’s my attitude?

Do I think that just because Mother’s Day is a day on the calendar that my family must do everything for me?

I make sure that I don’t discount all the wonderful things that my husband and children do for me every day of the year.

So what if they don’t buy me flowers for Mother’s Day?

Every single time that my husband does the dishes for me when I’m too busy or to give me a break, he is loving me. Every single time that my children help me around the house or give me a hug they are loving me.

  1. What is my expectation?

Am I expecting to be spoiled all day long by my family?

Do I want them to make me breakfast, lunch, and supper?

Do I want to have to do nothing all day long?

Most of the time, what I think I want is not what I really want. When I take the time to examine my heart, I realize that what I really want is to enjoy my family. If I change my expectation to being loving and spending time with my family, I can’t be disappointed.

  1. Don’t forget Communication

On that note, I have learned that if there are some (reasonable) things that I would like my family to do for me, I need to communicate with them.

Seriously, ladies, your husband’s aren’t mind-readers. Neither are our children. We shouldn’t expect them just to KNOW exactly what we want. What I want is not what you want. We are all different, so don’t forget to communicate.

  1. Thinking of Others

What about your Mom?

Your Mother-in-law?

Another Mom around you?

Just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we should forget to honor our own Moms and any other Mothers around us. There are many women who are living through grief on mother’s day. Perhaps, they have lost a child, are unable to have a child, or their family cares nothing for mother’s day. Perhaps, we could do something for one of them. Perhaps, we could think of someone else more highly than ourselves.

With those thoughts, I want to wish each and every one of you a happiest Mother’s Day!

Tell me, how do you find contentment and happiness on Mother’s Day?

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