Homeschooling-One unexpected benefit

Homeschooling-one unexpected benefit

When we started homeschooling, I knew that God had called us to do so.  I knew that there would be many benefits to homeschooling, but there is one benefit of homeschooling that I never expected.

You see, I am a second-generation homeschooler, who was homeschooled for my entire elementary and high school life. But I didn’t plan on homeschooling. In fact, I was sure I wouldn’t do THAT to my children.

So my oldest daughter headed off to a local private school.  And it was a beautiful school. She enjoyed it and so did I. And so she went to school until the year she was in 2nd grade.

That’s when God began to deal with my heart. He began to prompt me to consider homeschooling her and her younger sister who would begin kindergarten the following year.

I really didn’t want to, but I finally told God that I would talk to my husband about it. Up until this point, he had always been against homeschooling. Can you imagine my surprise when he said to me, “I think we should pray about it?” And so we prayed and the answer was, “Yes.”

We would begin homeschooling not just one, but two children the following fall. It was a very overwhelming thought.

At that time, I didn’t know exactly why we were doing this except that God had asked us to.

One unexpected Benefit of Homeschooling

Today, I’m beginning to see the beauty in the midst of doing life together.

Doing life together is messy. There are fights. There are disagreements. There are kids not getting along with their siblings. There are siblings being left out.

You know what’s beautiful in the midst of that?

Do you know what one unexpected benefit of homeschooling actually is?

It’s a 4-letter word called T-I-M-E.

#1: I have the time to work on the character issues.

#2: I have the time to discuss why we don’t talk to each other with unkind words.

#2: I have the time to teach the children why it’s so important to get along with their siblings and to make sure to include each other.

Does that mean that our house is fight-free? In fact, it just might mean that we deal with more fights than some folks.

Of course not. But we have time together.

Doing life together is messy. There are many meals to be made. Dishes to be washed. Toilets to clean. (y’all having 4 people at home all day, every day is messy)

You might ask, what could possibly be beautiful in that when all it sounds like is a whole lot of work?

It’s the gift of TIME, which leads to opportunity.

This opportunity means I have the time to teach my children how to work together to clean up these messes. They are learning to make meals, wash the dishes, take out the garbage, empty the dishwasher, set the table, and even make their beds!

Does that mean they always want to do it?

Of course not. But they are learning anyway.

And these are all things that I took for granted because I was homeschooled myself.

Doing life together is still messy. There are multiple stories written, arts and crafts finished and unfinished. There are Lego creations and snap circuit creations left lying about just to make mama feel a little crazy.

You might ask, “how do you handle all those messes?”

And I would answer, By the grace of God.

I’m thankful my kids have the time to pursue passions, ideas, and multiple ways of doing things.

I’m thankful that I can take the time in the midst of a busy day to play catch with my 7- year old.

To bake muffins with my 9-year-old.

To browse Pinterest with my 12-year-old.

The gift of time with my kids is something I’ll never regret.

It’s one unexpected benefit of homeschooling.

It’s one that I took for-granted as a child because I was homeschooled myself.

Sometimes it takes until you grow up to realize how blessed you were to be homeschooled.

I’m thankful for this opportunity to do life together.

Tell me, what is your one unexpected benefit of homeschooling?

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Homeschooling-one unexpected benefit

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18 thoughts on “Homeschooling-One unexpected benefit

  1. I enjoyed reading your story, and I’m so glad that you and your husband decided to homeschool your own children. Time is so important. It makes me sad when people say, “oh, I could never spend all day with my children.” How sad when their own parents don’t want to be with them. You are investing so much in your children. I hope they appreciate it some day.

    1. I am also sad when I hear so many people say, “I could never spend all day with my children.” I know they probably don’t mean it like it sounds, but it hurts my heart because I so cherish the time that I have with my children. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Michelle!

  2. That’s beautiful. And you’re right! I hadn’t even really noticed it or put it into words, but I do love the memories I have now of time spent with my children. Time to read, to play, to bake cookies, to laugh together.

    1. Kathi, I’m not looking for time to go by too fast, but I can see myself really cherishing these memories when my children are all gone.

  3. Love this Rosanna! You are spot on. Though, that time was actually one of the big reasons I homeschooled to begin with. For me, when I was growing up, I H.A.T.E.D. going to school and leaving my mom and siblings. Sure, I had friends, but there was nothing I wanted more than to be with my mom and family at home.
    I think maybe my unexpected benefit would be that I’m learning a lot too!

    1. Danielle, I agree that learning a lot is definitely a great benefit! I don’t think that one surprised me as much, though.

  4. I guess I didn’t expect that we would have so much time to delve into other things in the beginning. It was surprising just how little time it took to get “school” done and then we could do whatever. The kids both know how to cook a few meals, one enjoys horse riding, the other building everything with LEGO. Time is a huge gift. And we only have a little of it until our kids are grown – enjoy your homeschooling years! But, I’m curious – what about you growing up being homeschooled made you want to never homeschool your children?

  5. This is so true…. I treasure the time I have had with my 6 kids through homeschooling…. and “little” lessons that were imparted as we lived life together. This year, I will only be homeschooling 2 as we have graduated 4 of them now…. I want to make this year count… and I look forward to having time together, especially as one of them has been so very busy and I realize how limited my special time is with him. Great post! The time goes by so fast.

    1. Thanks for your perspective, especially as you have already graduated some of your children. It is certainly a great reminder for those of us who haven’t graduated any yet.

  6. How much time do you spend on the bookwork? Just curious as a mum who also feels God-led to homeschool and knows that if it’s God’s plan it’ll work. I have full intentions to homeschool right through, but as a single mum who needs to work outside the house too, time has always been my worry. Nice to hear it gives you more time in the day.

        1. You are most welcome! Feel free to contact me again should you have more questions. Blessings to you! 🙂

  7. Yes, yes, yes. The gift of time is HUGE! I would also say that something that surprised me was the quality of our relationships. It’s probably related to spending so much time together, but I have such a good relationship with my teenage sons and that is priceless. I remember thinking my parents were lame when I was a teenager, and my boys may think some of that. But it’s not enough for them to not want to spend time with us or to act jerky the way I did when I was their age. It’s such a blessing!

    1. I’m so glad that you’ve found that you have such good relationships with your sons, Michelle! What a tremendous blessing!

  8. My children are grown now. I did not homeschool them but chose instead small Christian schools for them. You wisely pointed out that you and your husband prayed before making your decision. God knows what is best for each child, for each family and as we seek Him, He always directs our paths for our good. May He continue to bless you with the gift of time as you seek Him and school your children. Blessings!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment even though you didn’t homeschool your own children, Joanne. My oldest daughter really did enjoy her time at the small Christian school she was in before homeschooling but does not desire to go back. That being said, we believe that, for us, homeschooling is a year by year decision so we do not know what the future holds. We just know that we need to be willing to seek the Lord for what is best.

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