Are you called to homeschool your children?

I didn’t plan to homeschool. No, not me. I was homeschooled and there was no way that I was going to do THAT to my children. (I was homeschooled and why I resisted homeschooling my own children)  So the fact that I am homeschooling is because I am called to homeschool my children.

Maybe you’re wondering why people even homeschool.

Maybe you already homeschool and are doubting your decision.

If you are either of those people, this post just might be for you.

But first a little background.

In the months leading up to our decision to homeschool, God kept poking at my heart. Blog posts and articles kept coming into my path. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. So I began to pray about it. Throughout that process, I eventually talked to my husband and we both started to pray about it.  After praying, we came to the conclusion that we were called to homeschool.

When we started homeschooling we didn’t have a perfect plan or direction, just the knowledge that we were called to do so.  At the time, we weren’t sure why we called exactly, just that we were called.

These days, we are in our 4th year of homeschooling. Now the reasons we were called to homeschool are a lot clearer to us.

So without further ado, here are 4 Reasons we believe we are called to homeschool

  • For relationship building

These days we are in the thick of parenting.  Our children are just beginning to get older. Our oldest child is 11 years old and our youngest is 6 years old. We don’t know exactly what the fruits of our labors will bring just yet. But I do know that we have a lot of opportunities to discuss many topics on a day to day, moment by moment basis. It’s so exciting and fun to be able to listen to our children ask questions and explore those topics. I have found this to be one of the greatest joys of parenting thus far.

  • To train them up in the knowledge of God

I don’t think this is because I’m perfect at teaching relationship with Jesus, but I do know that God has equipped us as believers with exactly everything we need to teach and train our children. That doesn’t mean if you don’t homeschool you can’t train them to know Jesus. Obviously, many parents are doing that whether they homeschool or not. We treasure the times we pray, read the Bible, and discuss our personal devotional times together each day.

  • It forces us to trust in God

Friends, homeschooling is hard. It isn’t always easy being with our children day in and day out. It’s not always easy to feel so very responsible for their education. I have learned a lot about trusting God for the wisdom needed to educate our children. It’s easy to doubt my ability to teach these children. It’s easy to compare ourselves to other amazing homeschooling parents out there and feel like we don’t measure up. That’s where learning to trust God for the wisdom and help that we need is crucial. When he calls us, he also equips us. I love that!

  • It has forced me into tremendous personal growth

I added this one last, but I truly have to say that I believe that one of the biggest reason’s God has called me to homeschool is for this reason. Homeschooling has forced me to grow and learn. Before we started homeschooling our children, I believed what I already knew was all I’d ever know. I felt like I had learned everything I would ever know and that that would be that. Since we’ve started homeschooling, I’ve grown. I’ve learned concepts that I didn’t ever quite catch onto in grade school.  I’ve learned that I am capable of much more than I ever thought. I’ve learned that I want my children to always grow and learn. For that reason, I’m required to learn and grow myself.

“Life is learning and Learning is Life.”

In Conclusion

If you homeschool, I encourage you to find out your why. Why did you begin homeschooling in the first place? Find out the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing.

If you’re thinking of homeschooling, I encourage you to pray about it. Find out if this is what you are called to do. Maybe the reasons won’t be clear at first, but be willing to take a leap of faith.

How about you? What are you reasons you are called to homeschool? I’d love if you took a moment to share in the comments.

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