Why my husband and I make a weekly date night a priority

Why my husband I make weekly date nights a priority

If you are like anyone else in our North American culture, you are busy. Life just keeps each and every one of us so very busy and that can mean that our priorities aren’t always in the right place.

My husband and I are no different. My husband works a job and runs a couple of businesses on the side while I homeschool, run this blog, and have various other responsibilities as well. One thing that we have been doing for years is making a weekly date night a priority. I truly believe that making a weekly date night priority has made our marriage stronger.

Why my husband and I make a weekly date night a priority

  • It means that no matter how little we’ve had the opportunity to talk (or have sex) we will always have the opportunity for that on date night.
  • Our children see that Mom and Dad make time for each other to be together. While this might not seem like this really helps our marriage, I believe it helps into future generations to hopefully see the value of strong marriages.
  • No matter how busy it is, we always know that we will get a chance to re-connect at the end of the week.
  • Having the opportunity to connect, really helps us feel more together even when we’ve been terribly busy.

You might be thinking that sounds great but is it possible for my spouse and me?

I’d say yes, yes it is. Here’s how:

  • A Weekly Date Night doesn’t mean you need to hire a babysitter or save a ton of money to go out.

-In fact, our weekly date night is an at-home date night. Over the years, we realized it just wasn’t feasible to go out every week. Not only was it costly to pay for babysitters, but it meant a fair amount of travel as we aren’t close to any city.

  • It’s okay to put your kids to bed early or put on a movie for them once a week.

-If you do this, your kids will learn to recognize that Mom and Dad place value on their relationship and that they love one another. This helps breed security in them.

  • It doesn’t have to be fancy.

-Most of our date nights are pretty simple. In the past, we’ve had Yahtzee Turnomanets, watched a show or movie, played games, planned our budget for the month, talked about goals and dreams, worked on our family’s core values, and so on.

  • It can be fancy.

-You could feed your children a simple supper and then work together to make a fancier supper together or order take-out.

-You could dress up for one another and have a fancy drink together.

  • You can take turns planning your at-home date nights.

-My husband and I first started planning every, other week but sometimes our lives are so busy that we can’t remember who planned last week. These days, we each plan for the month. We have found this to work the best for us.

In Conclusion

We believe that building a strong marriage is so important. Having a Weekly Date Night has been just one of the ways that we’ve worked to make our marriage strong. (And just so you know, we still have arguments just like the rest of you)

How about you? Do you have any things that have helped make your marriage strong? I’d love if you’d take a moment it to share it in the comments. It just might be the exact thing someone else needs to hear.

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Why my husband and I make weekly date night a priority

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