7 simple ways to use timers in your home

Do you ever feel like your kids are slow, slow, slow?

Do you ever feel like when you tell them to do something faster, they just don’t get it?

Me too!

However, I have one solution that may not solve all those problems, but one that I’ve found highly beneficial for our family.


Do you ever use timers?

I do. I feel like admitting this just might turn me into a geek in some of your eyes. However, timers have been so helpful for my parenting that I felt like I just had to share.

Keeping kids (and myself) on task can be hard work, so that’s where the timer comes in.

I use the timer on my microwave and the timer on my phone the most. At one point, I also had a wind-up timer, but it broke.

7 Simple Ways to use Timers in your Home

#1 Use timers for time-out

-I give my younger children one minute of time-out for each year of their age. The timer helps me keep track of that. If I didn’t use timers, I’m afraid I might just be so happy to get the kids out of my hair, that I might forget about them. 🙂

#2 Use timers for Room-time or Independent Play

As homeschoolers, we spend a lot of time together each day. Because of that, we truly need time away from each other. Using a timer for these times helps your child to know that the time won’t last forever and that when the timer rings they can be assured that Mommy will come get them.

#3 Use timers for Quick Clean-up Times

-There are times I’d like the house picked up real quick. At those times, I set the timer for 5 minutes and get the kids to help me pick up the house.

#4 Use timers for Recess or Outside Time

– Not Every homeschool parent does recess, but we still do. Because I use recess time as a time to get a few things done, I set the timer so I don’t lose track of time.

#5 Use timers to help kids to move a little faster

-If a child is moving too slowly, I will at times use the timer to teach them to go a little faster. I feel like children, (especially young ones) often have very little concept of time or what “go faster” means. I find using a timer a few times does help with that. It’s also fun to make a game of doing things as fast as you can!

#6 Use timers for before bed Routine

-I’m not always as faithful with my before bed routine as I should be, but I often like to use a timer to keep myself on task.

You could also use a timer to keep your children on task for the before bed routine.

Just in case you’re wondering, my before bed routine consists of:

  • Brushing my teeth and washing my face
  • Putting on my Pajamas
  • Taking my vitamins and setting out the ones my husband takes.
  • Making my husband’s lunch
  • Spending a few minutes tidying up

#7 Use timers to time the use of electronics

-We allow a maximum of 20 minutes of computer games or Ipad time per child at our house each day, so we use the timer to keep the kids on task.

How about you? Have you ever used a timer to keep your kids (or yourself) on task?

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